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Mission Statement

The New Jersey Superior Officers Association (NJSOA) was established and incorporated in 1978 for the mutual protection and benefit of all of its members. It is the mission of the NJSOA to act as the exclusive majority representative in negotiating for improved wages, hours, working conditions, welfare and job security, as well as for all other aspects of collective bargaining, in and on behalf of its membership. It is further the mission of the NJSOA to act on behalf of its membership in grievance matters and any other problems or concerns associated with employment and/or the employer(s).

In addition, it is the mission of the NJSOA to promote, and engage in, legislative, political, educational, cultural and social activity as will likely sustain and/or advance the best interests and welfare of its membership.

And lastly, it is the mission of the NJSOA to support worthy charities and endeavors that improve the communities as a whole, and thereby improves the lives of the citizens of New Jersey.