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Practice of “Working Up” Challenged by NJSOA

At a recent meeting with Corrections Commissioner George Hayman and his senior executive staff, NJSOA officials challenged the practice at New Jersey State Prison (Trenton) of Sergeants “working up” in the capacity of a Lieutenant. Such a practice, NJSOA officials contend, violates the integrity and efficacy of the chain of command. Many an independent audit of law enforcement, correctional and other public-safety operations has negatively cited the lack of a visible chain of command as a contributing factor in organizational failure. Rank separation is an essential component of a visible chain of command, and inter-rank ambiguity in a paramilitary organization could negatively impact safety and security as well as operations in general.

Sick Calls Suspended in NJDOC

On January 27, 2006, George Hayman, Acting Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC), suspended the practice of making telephone calls to those essential personnel—including law enforcement officers & supervisors—who call in sick. The Acting Commissioner declined to go so far as to “rescind” or otherwise abolish the Attendance Verification Policy / Essential Personnel. Rather, the NJDOC will revisit, in a year’s time, the policy to determine its efficacy.

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