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Legislative Report

Political Action Committee releases updated Legislative Tracking List:

One of the main missions of the PAC committee is to promote and monitor legislation that will advance the best interests and welfare of our membership.  The PAC committee is currently solicting support for a number of bills introduced in this session.

We ask all members to contact their respective State Senator and Assembly Representatives in their district, and request them to support all public employees during this critical time.  Do not let a political agenda turn all public employees into scapegoats.  Protect the rights, benefits and collective bargaining of union workers.

Access our 2016-2017 legislative tracking lists:
Pensions & Benefits

Write or Call Your State Legislators Today!

Ask them to protect the negotiated wages, pensions & health benefits of state law enforcement officers.

Take the time to tell them:

  • We will not let any elected official mislead the general public by turning us into scapegoats for all the State’s fiscal problems.

  • State legislators should show respect for the rule of law by honoring the State’s legal obligations, including employment contracts with the unions representing state law enforcement personnel.

  • In past contract negotiations, the membership and those of other unions agreed to concessions which have saved the State hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • Contract negotiations are best left to the bargaining table, not to elected officials engaged in self-serving demagoguery.

When you contact your state legislators, make sure you let them know that you are a proud active member of the independent NJSOA – New Jersey Superior Officers Law Enforcement Association.  Remember to remind them that you, your family and friends are registered voters.

> New Jersey Voter Registration Application

> Absentee Ballot Application