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Click here for the July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2023 Collective Bargaining Agreement 

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Click here†for the July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement

NJSOLEA 2007 - 2011 MOA Retroactive Payment dates have been released by the Governor's Office of Employee Relations.

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Contract Membership Survey
Recently the Contract Committee sent out a confidential survey to all members seeking input with regard to our present contract negotiations.† Members have been asekd to respond as to what they feel are the most important issues that need to be addressed in negotiations.† The surveys will provide invaluable insight into what is important to the membership, as well as to assist in prioritizing issues for the negotiation table.
In addition to the contract information, the survey serves another very important purpose.† The survey forms will be utilized to update our member database.†We're adding contact information, email addresses, and cell phone numbers.†This information is extremely important so that we are able to contact members should the need arise. The Contract Committee has put a lot of time into preparing this survey, and will use the information to steer negotiations. We hope that the membership takes the survey seriously as well.† We thank all members for taking the time to provide this valuable information, and in assisting the Committee in bringing the members the best contract possible.

We have been awaiting a final draft of our 2003 - 2007 CBA, after they agreed to remove the language about retiree healthcare. President Smith completed a final review of the draft and found that the State had inserted the terms "copay" and "deductibles" in the healthcare Article. This language is more descriptive than the language contained in the MOA signed by the Contract Committee and ratified by the membership. President Smith sent a letter to the State indicating that if they wanted language with regard to the healthcare issue, then it should be the language contained in the MOA. The State advised that it was the same language contained in all of the other unions' CBA's and they wanted us to have the same. President Smith advised them that the language was unacceptable because it was not what was ratified by the membership. The State then stated that our March 18th and 31st negotiation sessions were cancelled unless we agreed to the language. President Smith advised that if the State printed anything other than what was contained in the original MOA, we would file suit. President Smith also advised that if they did not print the contract an ULP could be filed.

After weeks of communication between President Smith and the State, there was no movement towards a resolution of the issue.† President Smith consulted with our legal counsel to see what options were available and what could legally be done to rectify the situation.† Mario advised that since the contract period was in fact expired, it was really a moot point.† He also advised that we could argue during our current contract negotiations that we would seek to negotiated "copays and deductible" that were not necessarily the same as those set by the State Health Benefits Commission, since it was the State that wanted to place these items on the "table".†President Smith advised the State that we were acceptable to the State inserting specific language with regard to "copays and deductible" into our CBA since we intended to negotiate them during the current contract negotiations.† The State should finally be sending the 2003 - 2007 contract to print.†Mario also advised the State that we needed to set dates for our next negotiation sessions.†At this point, we are just steps behind the other uniformed bargaining units in our negotiations for a contract.† As soon as dates are received, we'll inform the membership.


The Contract Committee had its first official negotiation session with the State on February 25, 2008. The meeting was declared a meet-and-greet meeting by the State. This meeting does however count as one of our statutorily required meetings. We are required to have at least three of these negotiation sessions prior to either side declaring an impasse, and seeking arbitration.

The State did not provide any formal written proposal to us, but indicated that their proposal would be virtually identical to those presented to the other uniformed unions. We did not present any written proposal to the State either. We agreed that by March 11, 2008, both sides would exchange formal proposals. The State did indicate that it was really not able to move from the proposals that have been made, and that arbitration was probably going to be the necessary course of action.

We scheduled our other two negotiation sessions for March 18, and 31, 2008. After the conclusion of these two sessions, if we have not experienced any significant movement towards any resolution, we'll be in a position to declare and impasse and move towards arbitration.

The Contract Committee met several months ago and started prioritizing issues for the negotiations. The Contract Committee will be meeting again prior to our exchange of proposals with the State. We also plan to send out a contract questionnaire/survey to the members so that we can determine what issues are important, and to steer our negotiations. In the meantime, if any member has any comments and/or suggestions with regard to the contract, please reach out to your regional Executive Board Member.

The Executive Board met with State on December 04, 2007, and finalized the 2003-2007 Collective Bargaining Agreement. The State finally agreed to take out the new Article that they tried to add with regard to retiree health benefits. We have maintained that we never discussed this issue and never negotiated it. This was an issue of contention for all custody unions. All of the other unions allowed for some language to go into their CBA's regarding Retiree Health Benefits. We held strong, and perseverance finally paid off.

We finally signed the 2003Ė2007 CBA on December 04, 2007. T he State was to prepare the final book form, and forward it to us for review. We had not received the "draft" as of the end of January, and President Smith inquired as to the status of the CBA draft. On February 04, 2008, President Smith was advised that the contract had already gone to print. President Smith advised the State that we had not reviewed and/or approved any draft of the CBA and therefore would reserve the right to review the contract once received. Upon this notice, the State forwarded a draft copy of the contract that incorporated the changes agreed upon during negotiations. The Contract Committee will review the contract in depth and reply to the State. If the draft accurately reflects negotiations and agreed upon language, we'll approve it and the State will send it to the printer. There is reportedly a several week turn-around for the contract books to be printed. We're finally putting this one to bed!

When the Contract Committee met with the State in December 2007, seven dates in January 2008 were provided to the State for possible negotiation dates for the 2007-2011 contract. The State advised that of the seven dates, they would agree to three of them for our negotiation sessions. Law requires that we have at least three negotiation sessions before an impasse can be declared and arbitration sought. We announced to the membership that we'd have our three sessions done by the end of January. However, the State didn't stand by their word, and we didn't get any negotiation dates in January 2008.

We now have our first contract negotiation session scheduled for February 25th, at 11:00 AM . This date is confirmed and our union attorney is available to attend. The first session is generally just a meet-and-greet for the parties. Nothing will really be accomplished on the first date. At that meeting we intend to secure at least two additional dates for negotiations. We're attempting to move through our required three negotiation sessions so that we can file for arbitration.

President Smith has appointed the new Contract Committee for this collective bargaining term. The Contract Committee consists of the following representatives:

All Executive Board Members, Frank Cianfrani (Riverfront), Terrance Graves (JJC), Paul Peace (East Jersey),and Jeffrey Coleman (Human Services Police).

If you have comments and/or suggestions relevant to our upcoming contract negotiations with the State with regard to our 2007-2011 contract, please reach out to any one of the members of the Contract Committee.

President Smith responds to a proposal to make changes to the Retiree Prescription Drug Program. To read the letter click here...

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the State of New Jersey and the NJSOA for July 1, 2003, through June 30, 2007

Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the State of New Jersey and the NJSOA for July 1, 1999, through June 30, 2003